The calendar designed for your mental health.

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Structure your day to flow the way you do

Canoe is a calendar workflow that takes the anxiety out of your calendar by replacing "busy" with productive. Canoe enables you to reimagine the way you work and how you view your time, then encourages you to keep it that way.

How it works

Create streams

Streams are daily schedules made from segments of time that are dedicated to a specific purpose. Create as many streams as you'd like and assign them to days of the week.

Our awesome features
Connect your calendar

Connect to your existing calendar and import your events. Canoe keeps them in sync from this point forward.

Our awesome features
Categorize events

Choose which segment each event should fit into based on the segments you defined. Canoe handles the rest.

Our awesome features
Take control

Canoe shows you events that disrupt your flow and encourages you to take action on them.

Our awesome features
Keep it fluid

Add pebbles to your day, which are tasks that don't have to be done at a specific time.

Our awesome features

Guard your time

Canoe lets you easily invite people to book time only in the stretches you specify. Offer your time to people in an easy, intentional way.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Normalize calendar etiquette

Canoe encourages you to maintain the flow of your day by suggesting ways to handle invites that don't fit. We aim to normalize things like declining, proposing a different time, or responding tentative.

More Features

Custom Segments

Time isn't the only measurement. Build your segments based on energy, emotion, interest, or whatever matters most to you.

Project Estimator

Planning for a big project? Canoe will let you estimate a realistic timeline for completion based on available segments.


Low-stress reminders for upcoming events. Customize them to fit your style and tendencies.


Canoe encourages you to build in pre-event and post-event buffers to allow for the actual work created by meetings.


Monitor weekly and monthly trends that illustrate how you spent your time and adjust your streams accordingly.


Custom integrations allow you to connect Canoe to the other apps you use and love for calendars, notes, tasks, and more.

Who created this?

Michael Gill

I'm a product-minded CTO, building micro-saas products. After a year of burnout, I decided to do something about my calendar.

Reclaim your calendar

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